Save Echo Farms

I've noticed new signs along our roads here in Wilmington with the words "Save Echo Farms" so I thought I would address that issue. According to the Star News in Wilmington, there is a proposed housing development on the green space of Echo Farms Golf Course that would bring in more than 200 single family homes, and 400 multifamily homes to the area. Am I opposed of this development? Yes, and no. I have lived in Wilmington for 13 years, and have witnessed this city explode. I have fed my family as a direct result of the population growth by being a Realtor here in Wilmington. However, I fell in love with Wilmington because of it's small town feel, abundance of trees, proximity to the ocean and Cape Fear River and culture. As time has gone on, I have noticed many acres of green space cleared and apartment building or residential community come in its place. I know for a fact that when new construction comes to a certain area, existing property values decline. I think our roads are too congested, and our schools are over crowded. So, this topic for me, has both negative and positive points. What are your thoughts?


What are you thoughts about Save Echo Farms?