Why Use a Buyer's Agent?

The best response I can give you is that because I am free. No, really, only sellers pay commission and hiring a buyer's agent assures you that you will receive exclusive representation during your transaction, with the benefits of seller paying the agent.  So, should you walk into an open house and hire the agent there? Well, no. Here is the thing, the listing agent of a property has already signed an agreement with the sellers of the property to work for them, thus insuring she/he can get them the best price for their property. If you use the same agent that has already agreed to represent the sellers, how is she supposed to do the same for you? This is called duel agency and many agents practice it, and yes, it is legal, but is it ethical? I would recommend sticking to hiring an exclusive buyer's agent that has no interest in the seller's bottom line. You will get the best representation this way, without any ethical questions arising. Here is a link to a great article from Realtor.com for more information.